Top 3 resorts in and around London for your unforgettable holiday

London. A great city and one of the best tourist cities in the world. This is because of so many tourist attractions that you can see and visit. However, finding the right hotel or resort in and around London can be a frustrating search. This is because of the number of hotels and resorts available. If you know the top three resorts and hotels, then it will be so much easier to choose the best hotel for you and your family.

Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard

The first choice of a hotel that you have to stay at in London is the Shangri-La Hotel.  Not only is this the number one hotel, this is also a stay that you will not ever forget.

At the hotel, you are going to get everything needed for the best experience in London. You are near most of the tourist attractions and you will have a couple of amenities that you can choose from at the hotel. Just make your bookings early enough.


For a real British feeling, the Claridge’s is the best decision that you can make. This is a great combination of a traditional and modern hotel.

This is also a popular hotel among famous people like Winston Churchill. Something to consider is that this might not be the best hotel to make your booking at if you are traveling with children. The hotel isn’t child-friendly. This is for sure one of the most popular hotels in London that you can stay at for a luxurious and unforgettable stay.

Langham Hotel

The one hotel that most celebs stay at in London is the Langham Hotel. This is situated in the best possible area and there are many tourist attractions in the area.

The hotel is luxurious and provides you with everything that you will need to have a great stay. Making bookings in advance is recommended to ensure your stay at the hotel. You will be able to enjoy the cocktail bar or the luxurious spa that are open to guests.

London. The one place in England that are getting thousands of visitors each year. And, if you are planning your next trip to London, these top three hotels and resorts might assist you with staying at the best possible place. With doing a bit of research, you will find what tourist attractions there will be near the hotels, and you can choose the hotel that is closest to all the attractions that you want to see. You will not regret your stay at any one of these three hotels.